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Padel and Pickleball players

The world's largest indoor padel + pickleball club

With 6 European-style panoramic padel courts and 8 Cushion Master II pickleball courts, Padel + Pickle is raising the bar for racquet sports. Join the world's largest padel and pickleball club today.

A Closer Look at the Club

The Courts

Championship-level court design inspires championship-level play.


With 6 European-style panoramic Mundial padel courts and 8 Cushion Master II pickleball courts, you'll feel like a pro -- no matter what skill level you might attach to your name.

The Experience

Everyone wins after the match, regardless of the final score.


Head to the center-court bar and lounge to stick around and do what every padel and pickleball player loves to do almost as much as serve: socialize.

The Enhancements

The best gear + the best teachers = the best player you can be.


With racquets, shoes and gear from the leading brands in both sports and one-on-one lessons available from the top-rated pros in St. Louis, you'll get the ingredients you need to elevate your game.

Padel + Pickle club net


Ask someone in America about padel, and you might get a puzzled look. Ask someone in Europe, the Middle East or Latin America, and you'll get an instant smile. Padel is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Watch a match, and it's easy to see why: It's a frenetic pace with balls bouncing off the walls and players running everywhere -- including, outside the court -- to hit a return.


It's a mix between tennis and squash with the competitive energy of a 100-meter dash. Learning the basics of padel is easy; you can understand the game in 30 minutes. Mastering the sport, however, is another story. This is a game of strategy -- not strength. 


Remember when it felt like all your friends started playing pickleball during the pandemic? Social distancing may be a thing of the past, pickleball is here to stay. In fact, it's the fastest growing sport in America.


It's kind of like tennis -- but games only last to 11 or 21 points, so you don't have to wait for three lengthy sets. It's kind of like badminton -- but there's a real ball, so you don't need to chase a shuttlecock as it floats over the net. It's kind of like table tennis -- but you actually need to move, so get ready to sweat.


You can compare the sport to a lot of others, but ultimately, pickleball is simple: It's fun, and it's for everyone. 


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